QWERTYkids are an accredited skills provider for the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver & Gold Award.

We run courses after school for 12 consecutive weeks as well as Flexible courses.

Why not learn an essential skill for life in our ever increasingly technological world?

Learning to Touch Type will help you when completing your Personal Statements, Application Forms, online

work and so much more!

New Course Added for those students wanting more flexibility!
Independent Weekly Sign In with Qualified Teacher Supervision 
Due to high demand, we are now running a ‘Weekly Drop In’ 12 week or 24 week course as well as our online course.  Both courses count as an Approved Skill for the Bronze, Silver & Gold DofE.
How will this work?
Once you have registered for the course you will be given the programme and sent a colour coded keyboard in the post.  We will email you Top Typing Tips and a Progress Report to download.
The course will run for a 12 week period.  Each week you will be set tasks to complete and once you have done these, we ask that you submit your Progress Report.  We will then set you the following week’s lessons.
You will need to send your report through by the Tuesday of each week so that we can register it and set your work for the following week.  We will also ask for weekly short video clips just to check your typing technique.
Who is this course for?
This course is ideal for our students who would like a more flexible course.  As it is a DofE course Pupils must commit to completing the tasks given for at least an hour each week, over a 12 week period.   It is a perfect course for our overseas students too.
How will we get support?
Philippa and Clare will be available each week to help with touch typing technique and to go through the different stages of the programme.  They will monitor the Progress Report and videos weekly and give individual feedback for each student. At the end of the course they will complete and upload your Assessor Report.

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